Trevor Swingler

Senior Technical Guru

Trevor has worked in high tech companies for over 25 years. His specialty is configuring complex IT systems with multiple sites and varying business needs.

Having such experience brings expertise to customers of all sizes from small companies with 5 or more employees to companies with 1500 employees.

Trevor has worked with IT service providers, private companies as well as public ally listed companies so his breadth of knowledge is outstanding. Who would you want to configure your network? Someone who has done it before or someone who has simply has some limited experience?

If you are looking for Citrix expertise, VMWare, routers, switches or anything IT then Informed Technology is the company you need to deal with.

Michael Travis


Starting in the early 1980s Michael has taken the provision of IT services way beyond the stereotypical image of patch panels and constant reboots. No longer a ‘necessary evil’ Michael soon formed a business that moved IT from a mere function of business to a sixth gear used to propel his clients into the lead.

Michael’s background in the corporate world in consulting roles and senior management changed the way IT was delivered to large companies. Now that experience and knowledge can be delivered to companies who think they cannot afford such expertise.

“In the 1990s I moved IT out of back rooms into the mainstream to make a big difference to the way businesses operated.

Now ‘IT’ is here. We’ve a bigger skill set and technology has moved on a long way. IT is in phones, tablets, the airways all around us and it’s driving global commerce 24/7.

Ten years ago IT was hidden away in backrooms. Now we’re using it to propel businesses to even greater heights. Regardless of whether we make a difference in our client’s showrooms or their boardrooms, great IT support is about finding solutions that work for business. That’s what we do.”

Gerry Gordon

Senior Business Consultant & Strategic Direction

Gerry has been an IT business consultant for about 15 years working across many industries and working with customers to strategically align their business with their IT requirements. Many IT companies focus on what is best for them, Gerry focuses on what is best for your business in line with the business goals.

With many years working with not for profit organisations he understands them as well as anyone else. Working with Informed Technology and various vendors such as Microsoft, HP, VMWare, Veeam, Citrix, FortiNet, Cisco and many more allows Gerry to provide not for profit IT services at the best price possible with strategic outcomes.

Informed Technology proudly supports not for profit organisations with a caring community spirit. Gerry is aligned with the goals of Informed Technology with a view that what he does makes a difference.

If you are a not for profit organisation then you simply enjoy the benefits of working with a great organisation with account management unsurpassed by Gerry.“